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Sustainably Produced Organic Granola from the Greenest Country on Earth!

Do you ever drive by a factory and close the windows because of an unpleasant smell?

Do you ever wonder how clean the water is coming out of your faucet?

Do you ever have a flash of guilt thinking about your carbon footprint?

Well sustainably-produced organic Avalanche Swiss Granola is truly guilt-free on an environmental level. Switzerland was recently named the “greenest” country in the world by Yale University’s Environmental Performance Index. To help put this achievement in perspective, the USA ranked 27th on the 2018 list. The Swiss take environmental protection very seriously and the vendor that makes organic Avalanche Swiss Granola is on the forefront of these efforts.

Organic Avalanche Swiss Granola is produced in Sachseln, Switzerland, a charming village of 5,000 people, which is nestled between mountains and a pristine lake. The production facility receives 100% of its power via the energy produced as water rushes down the mountains via gravity. When the water reaches the town, it is UV filtered – no chemicals are added to purify the water for drinking – and sustainably supplies both the town and the factory with drinking water.

The granola workshop also produces its own power two sustainable ways: solar panels and a geothermal pump. This inventive factory installed some of the first solar panels in Switzerland. The panels are tilted and located on the roof and are able to produce energy year round. All of the factory’s hot water needs are produced using the sun!

“For us, being the organic pioneer is all about sustainability really – not just ‘healthier food.’ It is a question that this is the right thing to do,” said Daniela Reichlin Stolz, Bio-Familia’s International Sales Manager.

Geothermal energy is encouraged by the Swiss government but the break-even point for installing a pump in a single house is 25 years. It is an investment and conscious decision Bio-Familia made for heating and cooling energy.

Granola production produces heat when the ovens are on and baking the cereal. The factory retains the oven heat and uses it to pre-heat the water used to clean the production system. There is no warming effect from the work area to the surrounding lands.

Bio-Familia is so dedicated to being environmentally clean and green in the production of organic granola that they just built a “self-contained” office building. There is no air conditioning and the ceiling can either heat or cool the surrounding air by running either hot or cold water through the heating system. The windows are large to let in sunlight and reduce the need for electric lighting, but in order to prevent heat loss the windows are all triple-glazed. Since Swiss winters are cold and snowy, the building was insulated to a standard called “Minergie P”, which means almost no external energy is required to heat or cool the entire building.

All cleaning materials used in the granola facility are chemical-free. Special soaps that are bio-degradable are used along with microfiber clothes.

Finally these careful environmental stewards have been awarded the prestigious “Naturemade Star” ecolabel. This award is made only to companies with 100% of energy from renewable energy sources and meeting stringent environmental standards.

Organic Avalanche Swiss Granola is proudly made to be not only healthy for you to eat, but also healthy for the planet. You can eat this delicious, organic, non-GMO granola with no environmental guilt!