our philosophy

This is how we make it. This is why we make it. And this is how we reach higher together
in the adventure of life.

we believe


You can call it seeking a higher purpose or need to overachieve or going the extra mile. It
has many names, but it inhabits the few. It’s the DNA-woven need to dig a little deeper, reach
a little higher and try a little harder. These are the people we make our Swiss granola for.

we believe

our search for experiences defines us.

We make our small batch granola for the students, the athletes, the office workers, the
moms, the dads, the glacier climbers and those who want to get lost in a good book. We
make it for people who see value in unique experiences, because experiences are what
shape us. And they make sure we’re better tomorrow than we are today.

we believe

food does more than fuel the body.

We believe food has a unique power to fulfill more than a basic need. It balances the mind. It brings
you comfort. It delivers an experience outside of physical energy – it energizes the soul.

everything we believe

defines the way we make our granola.

We make our Swiss granola for real people who want real experiences and real ingredients. It’s
why we travel the world over looking for the most delicious, all natural ingredients. We use
authentic, Swiss recipes crafted in small batches by people who care. We slow bake it at low
temperatures to capture the perfect amount of crunchiness and soul-filling sweetness. We then
package it in a way that seals in freshness until the first bite.


Our Master Chefs have perfected our delicious varieties.


We search the world over to craft our recipes with the finest, all natural ingredients.