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Not All Granola is Created Equal

Organic Avalanche Swiss Granola distinguishes itself, it sets a standard which is high above the rest—every step of the way. Besides delighting the taste buds, it’s healthy, ecofriendly and ready to be devoured on the go. We don’t feel you have to sacrifice taste for nutritional value or cause harm to the environment. You can feel guilt-free about Avalanche Swiss Granola on all levels!

Let’s start at the very beginning. Where and how is the granola produced?

Organic Avalanche granola was developed in partnership with one of the most forward thinking vendors in Switzerland, the “greenest” country in the world. Our amazing vendor has no carbon footprint!

We started with the highest caliber ingredients. High quality ingredients create a high quality tasting product. It’s that simple. Avalanche Swiss granola’s ingredients are organic, non-GMO, and ethically produced. We care deeply about the earth and the people who grow the ingredients for our granola. We are particularly proud of the hazelnuts, which are part of the Happy Hazelnut Project

Delicious Red Berry Avalanche Swiss GranolaOnce the ingredients were selected, master chef Hans Blume invested a significant amount of time experimenting with granola recipes, baking temperatures, and length of baking time. The end result was slow baking granola and varying the temperature. Avalanche Swiss granola is baked at FIVE different temperatures and is baked 2.5 times longer than most commercially available granola.

After perfecting the granola, we wanted to preserve the freshness and crunchiness and not use any chemical preservatives. We experimented with different packaging and settled on vacuum-packed foil barrier pouches with less than 2% oxygen after the granola is sealed within. Why is this so revolutionary? The way we pack each granola bag preserves the crunch and fresh flavor by protecting it from two food enemies: oxygen and moisture.

And then we have the finished granola, the heart of the matter. Organic Avalanche Swiss Granola is made with the highest quality ingredients, slow-baked, and packed to lock-in freshness. The perfectly crafted blend of flavors is delicious to eat on its own or combined with your favorites: ice cream, yogurt, fruits, milk, or smoothie bowl!

Avalanche Swiss Granola is for the every person. From hiking up mountains to the early mornings in the office, from rushing to the school bus to that 3pm pick me up. Granola that packs well for those long bike rides and in your beach bag. Avalanche goes where you go. Enjoy it slow or on the go, how you enjoy it and where you enjoy it is up to you. But the most important thing is, you will enjoy it.