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Reduce your stress this holiday season and enjoy Avalanche Swiss Granola!

The weather is getting colder, the days are getting shorter, your social calendar is packed and your to do list is getting longer and longer. Not to mention the world has now turned into one big sweets factory- with cakes, cookies, and cocktails filling our bellies.

Happy Holidays everyone!

While this is meant to be one of the happiest times of the year, it sometimes ends up being the most stressful and least healthy times of year—what a combination! Well, Avalanche Swiss Granola is here to help you change all of that!

Reduce your stress this holiday season and enjoy Avalanche Swiss Granola!

With a million things on your mind, it’s easy to put yourself and your needs on the back burner-leading to last minute less-than-healthy snacking and hunger infused stress outbursts. Avalanche Swiss granola will help ward off pesky cravings and prevent you from reaching for those extra cookies your coworker brought to the office.

By keeping Avalanche in your purse, desk or car it will also help prevent hanger from creeping in and ruin your holidays and give you more time to do what you need to do! With delicious, all natural ingredients, organic* baked in small batches to secure perfection and balance in every bite.

No need to stress after hours of Christmas shopping

With Avalanche Swiss Granola at your fingertips your hunger has been satiated and your stockings are full. Whether its long days of shopping, long days of skiing, or long days with the family-Avalanche is the perfect fuel to get you through the holidays and may just be the perfect gift for friends and family too!

Avalanche Swiss Granola is the gift that keeps on giving and will be sure to get you through the holidays and beyond!

*Avalanche Swiss Granola-Coconut, Quinoa & Chocolate not certified organic

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