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Avalanche Swiss Granola – Empowering Youth and Fueling the Future

Avalanche Adventures: Granola Growing Minds

Meet Debbie, a passionate individual who enjoys Avalanche Swiss Granola to help fuel her busy life as teacher. Avalanche allows her to focus on her profession and the lives of the youth that she works with. Empowering Youth and Fueling hunger with Avalanche Swiss Granola!

“I love teaching because I believe I am making a difference in the lives of my students. I love the feeling of seeing my students finally grasp a concept and want them to continue to make progress. Teaching is the profession that builds other professions. Teaching for the past 5 years has helped me become a lifelong learner who is highly adaptable because every day in the classroom is a new adventure!”

So you have been a teacher for 5 years- What are some of the hardest things you face?

Many of the families I work with come from low-income communities that lack resources. This often means that my students are behind academically despite strong support from their families. It also means that my students have varied experiences that affect their lives in both positive and negative ways. Bridging the gap between students’ current level and where they need to be is always difficult, but in my classroom, the gap sometimes feels wider and bridging it even more urgent. In any given classroom, there are 30 kids, which means 30 different learners, 30 different levels of resources, support, experiences, learning styles, abilities, and interests. Ensuring every child gets exactly what he or she needs to be successful is a huge challenge.

Did you always know you wanted to go into teaching?

I think I did. At a young age, when playing school or house with my siblings and cousins, I was always the teacher. I have always found myself drawn back to teaching or tutoring in some way. Though I majored in Creative Writing in college, I continued to tutor inner-city youth in math and founded an art class at a local community center during my four years. During this time, I began to view education through the lens of social justice. After I graduated, I taught English abroad in Taiwan for a year before joining Teach For America. I’ve somehow been teaching for the past 5 years. Time flies!

What grade do you currently teach?

I currently teach second grade. Throughout my experience in the classroom, I have taught kindergarten and second through sixth grade, but second grade is my favorite. Second graders are very curious. They ask a lot of (mostly relevant) questions and still get excited about learning. Teachers are still people they look up to as role models. At the same time, they are starting to become more independent. They can take more ownership of their learning and have more responsibilities in the classroom.

What is the most rewarding part about the career you have chosen?

My teachers played a big part in my success and were a huge support system for me throughout my education. As someone from a low-income background who did not necessarily have the same resources as my peers, being able to have the encouragement of my teachers truly changed the course of my life. I always felt like anything was possible, and I want that for my students as well. I want to be the person who inspires them to keep working, learning, and being persistent. I love seeing my students’ faces light up when they finally grasp a concept. There is no better feeling!

How do you use Avalanche Swiss Granola?

I keep bags of Avalanche Swiss Granola in my backpack and in my desk for on the go snacking. It helps me keep moving on those long days when I barely have time to sit down. It allows me to give my best to my students every single day.

If you weren’t teaching, what would you be doing?

I love writing, and my dream is to write a book someday. I don’t know exactly what that would look like, maybe a children’s book or possibly a novel. I’m not sure, but I think it would be a great, new adventure for me. I also love to travel, so being a travel writer or blogger while giving advice to teachers along the way would combine three of my passions.

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