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Our granola is made on the banks of Lake Sarnen in Sachseln, Switzerland. There, we slow-bake Avalanche Swiss Granola in small batches with care, reflecting more than 60 years of tradition, expertise and perfection.

a variety of authentic blends

Before you can love Avalanche Swiss Granola, our Master Chefs need to love it first. It’s why they spend time crafting the perfect recipes with carefully sourced, sustainable ingredients. Then we pack our granola in a foil barrier pouch, so you experience the same freshness and crunchiness as when it comes out of the oven.

carefully sourced ingredients

Ingredients are the building blocks of our hearty, high-quality Swiss granola. It’s why we search the world over to craft our recipes with the very best all natural, non-GMO ingredients, packed with whole grains, oats, dried fruit and sweet spices.

swiss made, sold here

We’re selective about the ingredients we use and we know you are too. Find out where you can get Avalanche Swiss Granola today.